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I am so happy to use chain wallet. Because this wallet so easy to use and provide safe to user. 

This project also look good so come on guys join me

Project introduction

Chain Wallet Team has been deeply involved in the development of wallets, smart contracts, and NFT. Chain Wallet recently formed a business and overseas operation team. Chain Wallet is committed to lowering the industry threshold so that everyone has their own digital assets. In the future, Chain Wallet will work with partners to promote the development of the blockchain industry.

Token introduction

Through circulation in various scenarios, CHA serves as a means of payment and proof of membership rights and interests, opening up the entire product business line of Chain Wallet. Users can also participate in Chain Wallet governance by mortgaging CHA when submitting proposals to prevent malicious initiation of proposals. Currently, CHA supports various scenarios such as ADVERTISIN fee payment, DAPP listing, decentralized transaction listing, and token official website inclusion.

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